Crispin Shoes

Design, Photography, Printing

how it was shot

The Photography

All styles were shot on a light table with several angles taken for web and promotional use. The attention to detail, Lighting and preparation of the product are key when representing the detail and quality of the product. Final images were supplied as 300 dpi RGB jpegs and were cut out with the backgrounds cleared. Only two angles were used for the brochure design whilst all were used for the web.

Catalogue Production

The Design

Our task was to create a cleaner and clearer approach to the catalogue making it a more user friendly experience with brand awareness. The use of lifestyle images breaks up the continuous images of product and allow the reader to reflect on the images whilst slowing them down to browse more on individual styles.


The Mailing

It was only natural that the catalogue had a carrier as it was to be part of a mailing fulfilment. White envelopes were printed with the same full colour image as the brochure cover for continuity. These were digitally mail marked and addressed then mailed using a second class mailsort.


The Promotions

In order to boost turnover and offer our clients buyers an incentive, we created several postcards which were to be used during sales and promotional periods. The cards were designed as postcards to offer an incentive to both new and existing customers, get feed back and build on an existing mailing database.