Design, Photography, Printing

how it was shot

The Photography

From the outset the shots were to be body formed shots and have a natural look to them. We could have shot them on a mannequin but for ease we shot everything on models and cut them out adding in necklines and cloning where needed.

concept images

The Design

Promotional shots were taken to give the client use for advertising and as for the section dividers within the catalogue. Design aspects were added, textures, effects, and props to create a theme which would support the Duke Clothing brands for that season.

design & production

The Catalogue

As a buyer’s guide we had to ensure that the product was the first thing that was seen but with textures, drop shadows and small design aspect, they all added to the layout and promoted Duke brands throughout the catalogue. A colour key index was added to find the sections, highlighted boxes for additional and important information which all added to and complimented the clothing.

print & finishing

The Production

We wanted to add a little fineness to the brochure so a silk paper was used but we added a spot machine varnish to all the images to lift the product range even further. The cover was on a thicker silk board and was matt laminated to give a longer life span to the brochures. Finally it was perfect bound which gave it a crisp finish overall.