Together Against Cancer

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together against cancer

Together Against Cancer

Together Against Cancer was founded in April 2008 with the aim of assisting people with cancer (and similar diseases) using complementary and integrated approaches to healing.

Together against cancer are self-funded and as such rely on donations to help continue their work. The centre is one of a kind in the UK, in that the advice and workshops offered are not all available in a single space anywhere else. Demand for their services has grown rapidly; they had over 1200 visitors to their centre in 2017. They often have people travelling from the remotest parts of the UK to take part in their events!

They have lots of new ideas planned for 2018, one of their main objectives being a new 3-week integrated course (‘3 Steps to Wellness’). This has been specially designed to help people reconnect to their natural self-healing abilities, in addition they also have plans to go ‘on tour’ and share their workshops further afield.

One young lady, ST, who has been visiting our Education and Wellness Centre regularly said, “the help and support I have received from Together Against Cancer has been invaluable. I now have some of the necessary resources to help improve my health, which has made a huge impact on my wellbeing, both physically and mentally. The confidence they have inspired and the knowledge shared has given me the courage to face the difficult challenges. Together Against Cancer know exactly what cancer patients need. It is wonderful to feel more reassured, happy and energised. I cannot express my thanks and gratitude enough for such a worthwhile cause.”

KPE will be raising funds for Together against cancer to help fund their new ‘3 Steps to Wellness’ course. We will doing a 12 hour Bikeathon on 22nd February with all donations going to Together against Cancer. Just giving page:


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